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S. I. Walker letter of Jan. 2, 1966 "In order to sort of consolidate some of the Information that I have gotten from different sources etc. I think I will comment on each of the heirs, listing what I know about them and giving the source of the information when appropriate. If I get some erroneous information in that you know about, let me know.

1. Frances - Perry County records refer to her as Frances Rollston and also to a Mrs. Rollston (or Ralston). W. M. Breazeale refers to her as Francis Turner. The 1840 Winston Co., Mississippi census lists a Francis Batston (that's how I copied it) as head of household. In this household was one male 10 to 15, females -1 ten to fifteen and 1 thirty to forty. In this same county and on the same census is a Wm. Turner, the oldest female in his house is from 15 to 20 years old. Wm. Turner's age is between 30 and forty, Some time in the future maybe I'll get a chance to check this out on the 185O census. (See also number 3).

2. John - W. M. Breazeale says John was poisoned. Perry County Ala. Court House records indicate he married Mary McCain 3 March 1830 and was deceased by November 1836.

3. Sidney - Perry County Ala. Court House records refer to her as Sidney C., wife of Malcom McLeod, also that Sidnia Walker married Malcom McLeod 13 March 1828. W. M. Breazeale refers to Aunt Sidie McCloud. The 1840 Winston County, Mississippi census lists a Malcon McLeod -Males -2 under 5, one 15 to 20 and one 40 to 50. Females -1 under 5, two 5 to 10, and one 30 to 40. (This family was next door to Francis Batston). I had previously copied the following family on the 1850 Winston County census. The writing was not very legible in some parts. I will list it here as I copied it.

Malcome G. M?Loud 58m Farmer 1250 N.C. ?Sydriery 45f Tenn. Sarah 18f Ala. Samuel 15m Student Ala. Mary 1Of Miss. ?Niel 1Om Miss. ?Darcey 8f Miss. William Miss. Nancy 4f Miss.

4. Ann B. - I had never heard of his one. Listed in Perry County Alabama records as the wife of Alberry Wasson. Wasson was probably a relative of Samuel Walker's second wife. It could be a case of "her son" marrying "his daughter".

(Note by Charlene Walker Brazell: Perhaps Ann B. was dead by 1845 as records indicate Alberry Wasson married Nancy Tubb on a license issued Oct. 27, 1845,)

5. Louisa - I had not heard of this one either but it is a familiar name. Listed in Perry County records as Lavina (or Laurcena), Perry county records also indicate that Louisa Walker married William Porter 16 February 1832. The 1840 Winston County Mississippi census lists a William Porter -Males -one S to 10, one 20 to 30, and one 40 to 50. Females -two under 5, one 5 to 10, and one 30 to 40. At the time I checked the 1850 Winston Co. Miss. census I did not know to check for this family.

6. Shelby - Listed in Perry Co., Ala. records as Shelby D. Walker. Married Margaret Matthews 27 July 1834. Flora D. England note says Shelby D. Walker left an estate in Dallas Co., Ala. (adjoining county to Perry). I checked the 1850 census in both Perry and Dallas Counties. No reference was found of Shelby. Dad thought he remembered Grandpa making reference to Jelby as the boy who was poisoned. Apparently John's and Shelby's names became confused. I suppose it is possible that Jelby could have been a nickname for Shelby.

7. Eliza - Perry County records indicate that Eliza Walker married George Tubb 3 November 1835.

8. Sarah - Listed in Perry County records simply as an heir of Samuel Walker. W. M. Breazeale refers to one of Sampson Walker's own sisters as Sallie McDonald but I believe it must have been really McDaniel. The 1840 Winston Co., Miss. lists a Noah McDaniel -males -1 under 5, one 20 to 30. Females 2 under 5, and one 20 to 30. The 1850 Winston census lists this family this way: Noah McDaniel 36m farmer Tenn. Sarah 32f Tenn. Mary 14f Ala. Frances 12f Ala. ?Hickam 1Om Miss. Sarah 8f Miss. James 6m Miss. George 4m Miss. Nancy 2f Miss.

9. Sampson - Listed in Perry County Court records as a minor of Samuel Walker. Shelby D. Walker appointed as his guardian in May of 1838. I did not pick Sampson up on the 1840 census although he must have been married before the end of 1840. Since we have fmily sheets filled out on his family I won't go into any more detail about him here. He apparently is the youngest of his father's first marriage.

10. Malinda - Wm M. Breazeale refers to her as Malinda Pope. I believe that the following family, copied from the 1850 census is her family. Rackley Pope 37m Farmer 400 N.C. Malinda 27m(?) Tenn. Burrel 8m Ala. William 6m Ala. Mary 5f Miss. Emily 3f Miss. John Miss. This same family shows up on the 1860 Winston County census also, The value of their real estate has increased to 2000 dollars and they have 200 dollars personal property. Their children are listed simply as initials -B.R., W.W., M.F., E.J., J.R., and in addition P.A. and A.A. apparently twin girls as they are both two years old and also marked female. One inconsistency is that Mary or M.F. is listed this time as being born in Alabama.

11. Mary - Apparently reared by Wiley B. Wasson after the death of her father as he is mentioned in Perry County records as her guardian.

12. Wesley - Mentioned by W.M. Breazeale as a half brother to Sampson Walker. Mentioned in Perry County Ala. records as an heir of Samuel Walker and also as a ward of Wiley B. Wasson. He is listed on the 1850 Union Parish Louisiana census and also on the 1880 census, same parish. On the 1880 census he claims Tennessee as his birthplace, South Carolina as his father's birthplace and Tennessee as his mother's birthplace. He left many descendents in Union Parish. One of his descendents Olga (Mrs. Charles) Spooner Box 26, Junction City, Arkansas furnished much of this information.

13. Nimrod -Mentioned in Perry County Alabama records as an heir of Samuel Walker and also as a ward of Wiley B. Wasson. I have no other information on Nimrod.

The 1830 Perry County Alabama census lists a Saml Walker with Males -three 0-5, one 10-15, two 15-20, and one 50-60. Females -one 0-5, two 5-10, one 10-15, one 15-20, two 20-30. He also had slaves as follows: Males -one under 10, two 10-24. Females 3 under 10, and one 36-56.

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