Samuel Walker and ???? McCleod(?)

File Name=Samuel_1st_Family.htm Samuel b. ca 1770-1780 S.C. , d. November 1833, Perry Co.,Al. Father: Unknown Mother: Unknown

Samuel Walker was born in South Carolina, circa 1770-1780. Most of the early knowledge of this family was discovered by Samuel Irvin Walker, in the 1960's and 70's. Some of it was erroneous but I would like to include his research here. Some of it is in the form of letters from him to others, but mostly to his sister, Charlene Walker Brazell.

A Letter to Charlene About Samuel's Family And Another Letter to Charlene About Samuel's family For Some 1850 Walker Census Data From S.I. Walker Notes An Email to me from in Feb 2005 From Charlene

Other facts about Samuel Walker and his family were obtained from paid research done by William P. Parks for Mr. Charles Van Baucom, a descendant of Leanna Wasson Walker. Charles sent a copy of this research, without charge, to Charlene Walker Brazell, a great-great-grandaughter of Samuel Walker and his first wife. This research is presented here......

Letters to Charles Van Baucom That Document Walker/Wasson Family in Alabama.

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
1. Frances Walker b. 1802 m. 1. James Ralston, 2. ??? Turner
2. John Wesley Walker b. ca 1804 m. Mary McCain 1830 d. Itawmba Co.,MS, 1850
3. Sidnia C. Walker b. -
4. Anne B. Walker b. -
5. Louisa Walker b. d.
6. Shelby Walker b. -
7. Elizabeth (Eliza) Walker b. d.
8. Sarah Walker b. d.
9. Sampson Walker b. d.

The Following Links are for Descendancy Charts for Samuel and his first wife and Samel and his 2nd wife and a page for Samuel and his 2nd wife, Leanna Wasson.

Descendency Chart for Samuel Walker's 1st Family
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Chart of three of Samuel's Descendants

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