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Sampson Walker Sampson Walker was born 7 January 1818 in Tennessee. He was the youngest child of Samuel Walker and his 1st wife. He and his oldest son, John, were conscripted into the Confederate army while in Louisiana on their journey to Texas. Neither was ever heard from or seen again. I found a record in the Federal Records center in Fort Worth Texas that listed an S. Walker killed in the "7 day battle of Richmond" in Virginia. Spouse: Martha Jane McCown Married: dd mmm 18xx

Parents: Mother: ?????? McCleod (???) Father: Samuel Walker (ca 1770)

Siblings: Sister: Frances Walker (ca 1802) Brother: John Walker (18--) Sister: Sidnia C. Walker (18--) Sister: Ann B. Walker (18--) Sister: Louisa Walker (18--) Brother: Shelby D. Walker (18--) Sister: Elizabeth Walker (18--) Sister: Sarah Walker (18--)

Ancestry Chart for: Sampson Walker Descendancy Chart for: Sampson Walker

Children: Male James Walker Female Mary Ann Walker Female Nancy Jane Walker Male William Alexander Female Frances Elizabeth Walker Male Samuel Organ Female Margaret Louisa Walker Female Pamela Atlina Male Napoleon Buchanan Walker Female Sarah Malisa Walker

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