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Note by myself, Lannie Walker,Sr: I had requested my cousin, Charlene Walker Brazell, for her data and thoughts regarding the birthdates for Samuel Walker's children from both of his marriages. Charlene and her brother Sam had been researching the Walkers long before I began and had collected first hand verbal information from family members of the preceding generation, including our great grandmother, Martha Jane McCown Walker Sorrel, the widow of Sampson Walker. Stated another way, she was the daughter-in-law of Samuel Walker, the patriarch of our clan. In her later life she lived with Charlene's grandparents, Samuel O. and Sarah Wharton Walker.

Lannie, I hope this will help. I thought Sam had sent me copies of his census findings. I did come up with some maternal ones but not the Walkers. However, I had used his assumptions or made my own in some cases and I've listed those. In some cases I copied my actual notes.

I THINK the reason I have such an exact date for Sampson's birth is that it just came out of the heads of my aunts when I interviewed them. They had fantastic memories. They did just as well on the Wharton side, too. Now later on it did turn out there was a Wharton Bible so I could see where that came from, but I don't think any of the Walker's had a Bible.

Usually people know the first names of women but not their maiden names. My aunts talked in surnames, too. They said the father of their grandma Martha Jane McCown Walker Sorrel was William McCown and that he had married a Vaughn. By golly when we got more info he had married a Vaughn--Mary "Polly" Vaughn.

They said Samuel Walker had married a McLeod. Until I see that is wrong, that's what I'm expecting to find.

I'm not quite sure why I have such an exact set of dates on Malinda Pope. That may have come from Brazeale research. Charlene

For Samuel Walker: (1870/1880 - Nov. 1833) Birthdate assumed by1830 Perry County, Alabama, census Death Perry County, Alabama, Circuit Court Records

1. Frances Walker Ralston Turner (ca 1802 - )The William Turner family is enumerated in the 1840 Winston County, Mississippi, census. It can be assumed that Frances Walker Ralston Turner had children of her first marriage as she was listed on censuses with children before their names were written. In 1880 she was listed in a family of Ira Tucker as his mother in law. She was 78. The wife was 52 and named Dorcas.

2.John Old enough to marry by Mar. 1830. Dead by Nov. 1836.

3.Sidnia C. Walker McLeod (ca. 1805 - ) !Perry County, Alabama, marriage records. Ceremony performed by James Dickey, Minister of the Gospel. Listed as heir in estate settlement of Sam Walker, Perry County, Alabama, 1834. In Winston County, Mississippi for both the 1840 and 1850 census and probably remained there.

4. Ann B. Walker Wasson (4 Nov. 1807 - 8 May 1841) !Marriage records Perry County, Alabama. Birth and death record and record of children supplied by research of Laverne Wasson Springer, 1007 Shady Oaks, Weatherford, Texas 76086 in 1989. Mrs. Springer is a descendent of Alberry Wasson through his second marriage.

5. Louisa Walker Porter (ca. 1812 - ) Birthdate estimated from 1850 census. !Marriage records Perry County, Alabama by James Dickey, M.G.

6. Shelby D. - ca. 1846) !Perry County, Alabama, marriage records by William Howe. !Estate settled 1846, Dallas County, Alabama. The widowed Margaret Walker lived in Dallas County, Alabama, in 1850. Living with the family was then 11 year old Elizabeth Houston.

7. Eliza Walker Tubb - Listed as unmarried child in Sam Walker estate records.

8. Sarah Walker McDaniel (ca 1817 - ) !Age and birthplace from census records. The Noah McDaniel family is enumerated in the 1840 and 1850 Winston County, Mississippi, censuses.

9. Sampson Walker (7 Jan 1818 - 1862) ! Marriage Records of Noxubee County, Mississippi The property of the Sampson Walker family in 1860 was in Neshoba County, Mississippi, Township 12, Range 10, Hill's Bluff, Mississippi. On a county map in the courthouse in Neshoba, you could find where this property is located. This is the same area where the Breazeales lived, also. Informant Veston Newton Wheat, Walker-Breazeale descendent. 1860 Census Neshoba County, Mississippi. Dwelling 1011, Family 1047 Page 685 (157) National Archives Microfilm M653, Roll 586. September 22, 1860. 1870 Census DeSota Parish, Louisiana, Keachie Community. Death: From a report of casualties, of the 5th Brigade (Pryor's) in the engagements around Richmond, Va. , June 26 to July 1, 1862. Report dated July 11, 1862. Remarks: Killed. Series l, Vol. 11, part 2, page 779.

1. Malinda Walker Pope: (12 July 1821 - 29 July 1895) On a visit in 1960 I interviewed my aunts, Altonia Walker Taylor, Jessie Walker Kelly and Ann Walker Cullins, all together and wrote down much of what they said. They gave the name of Malinda Walker's husband as Erastas Pope. Census record seemed to be "Rackley" Pope. The children they could name were: Ranse Pope, whom they said died in a northern prison, William Pope who was killed in the battle of Corinth. Frances Pope who married a Ward and became the mother of Tom Breazeale's wife. (I knew Tom Breazeale because he came from Mississippi a couple of times in my childhood to visit his Walker relatives in Shelby County, Texas. His mother was Nancy Jane Walker Breazeale, sister to my grandfather Samuel Organ Walker. In this collection is a letter to my father Vesse Eugene Walker from William Breazeale, son of Nancy Jane and brother to Tom.) Emmaline Pope and John Pope. According to the letter of Wm. Breazeale, one daughter married a Webb and one married a Woods.

2. Mary B. Walker Wallace (12 May 1823 - 11 May 1875) This date came from Thad Purdue.!Census 1850 Union Parish, Louisiana, Family #340. !Census 1860 Union Parish, Louisiana, Family #920 !Census 1870 Union Parish, Louisiana, Ward 2, Family #180. Mary is a widow. Letter of 24 November, 1990 from Thaddeus T. Pardue P.O. Box 8292, Bossier City, LA 71113 to Charlene Walker Brazell: According to her tombstone she was born on 12 May 1823. She married John B. Wallace, a Methodist minister who was born about 1813 in Georgia (probably in Wilkes County), the eldest child of Benjamin Wallace and his first wife, Catherine Leverett. I do not know where John and Mary married. According to the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census records, all of John and Mary's children were born in Louisiana (Union Parish, I suppose). According to family stories, John Wallace received word in 1863 that his father in Georgia either was dying or was dead, so John took his entire family (except for his oldest son Benjamin F., who was in the Confederate army) and went to Georgia near Crawfordville to take care of his father's estate, which was quite considerable. John was appointed as the executor of his father's estate but he (John) died during the period of time that the estate of Benjamin (John's father) was being settled, leaving Mary and her children "stranded" in Crawfordville. After the Civil War was over, Benjamin F. (John and Mary's oldest son) returned from the war to Union Parish to find his family missing. After he discovered where they were, he went to Georgia, found out that his father was dead, and brought his mother and siblings back to Union Parish. Mary B. continued to live in Union Parish until her death on 11 May 1875. She is buried in the Meridian Cemetery in the eastern part of the Conway community several miles west of Marion in Union Parish. She and John B. Wallace had at least eight children.

3. Wesley Waymon Walker (6 Jan. 1825 - 17 April1914) !Death certificate #14200, Louisiana State Board of Health. The death certificate gives Perry County, Alabama, as the place of birth. However, in his lifetime, Wesley always told the census taker that he was born in Tennessee.

3. Nimrod Walker - (ca 1828 !Birthdate: Perry County Orphans Court records iindicate he is of full age as of Nov. 5, 1849.

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