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Anna B. Walker Born: 07 Nov 1807 in: Tennessee Died: 08 May 1841 in: Perry County, Alabama Burial: Father: Samuel Walker (ca 1780) Mother: ? McCleod Other Spouses:

Note: Alberry was Ann's step brother, son of Leanna and her 1st Husband, Elisha Wasson.

The following data was supplied to me by Ann Wasson Gleason, an Alberry-Nancy Tubb descendant. LGW

Husband: Alberry Wasson Born: 18 Jun 1805 in: Tennessee Married: 12 Apr 1827 in: Perry County, Alabama Died: 04 Mar 1892 in: Summerfield, Louisiana Burial: in: Cemetery - Summerfield, La. Father: Elisha ? Wasson Mother: Leanna (House?) Other Spouses: Nancy Tubb

CHILDREN 1 Name: Elisha Wasson M Born: 13 Jun 1828 in: Perry County, Ala. Married: 30 Oct 1851 in: Union Parish, La. Died: 1864 in: Civil War - Burial: buried at Shiloh Spouse: Elizabeth Martin

2 Name: Milan Wasson M Born: 05 Feb 1830 in: Perry County, Alabama Spouse: Martha McCasland Married: 03 Feb 1856 in: Summerfield, La. Spouse: Volumnia J. Britton Died: 10 May 1901 in: Summerfield, La. Burial:

3 Name: Martha Jane Wasson F Born: 22 Mar 1832 in: Perry County, Ala. Died: in: Burial: Married: 28 Dec 1865 in: Summerfield, La. Spouse: Charles Webb

4 Name: Sarah Ann Wasson F Born: 09 Apr 1834 in: Perry County, Ala. Died: in: Burial: Married: 27 Nov 1851 in: Summerfield, La. Spouse: John Henderson

5 Name: Maxy M. Wasson F Born: 09 Mar 1836 in: Perry County, Ala. Married: in: Died: 02 Jun 1861 in: Burial: Spouse:

6 Name: Elizabeth Wasson Born: 16 Feb 1838 in: Perry County, Ala. F Married: in: Died: in: Burial: Spouse:

7 Name: Harriett Malinda Wasson F Born: 29 Sep 1839 in: Perry County, Ala. Died: Aft. 1920 Union Parish, La. Burial: Camp Creek Cem. near Bernice Married: 31 Jan 1861 in: Claiborne Parish, La. Spouse: Elijah W. "Cage" Fuller

8 Name: Anna Wasson, Jr. in: F Born: 08 Apr 1841 in: Married: in: Died: Burial: Spouse:

This was Samuel Irvin Walker's comment about Ann B. Walker in his 1966 letter to his sister, Charlene Walker Brazell. Ann B. - I had never heard of his one. Listed in Perry County Alabama records as the wife of Alberry Wasson. Wasson was probably a relative of Samuel Walker's second wife. It could be a case of "her son" marrying "his daughter".

F: Anna;b. 8 Apr 1846,Perry Co.,Al. Note: Some believe that Ann B and and Baby Anna both died at baby's birth.

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