Members Of Lannie & Evelyn Merger Walker Family
Lannie and Evelyn Merger Walker Family Vital Statistics
Name BirthDeathAge At DeathSpouse #1Birth DateDeath DateSpouse #2Birth Date
Lannie,Sr 21 Feb 1927living------
Evelyn 18 Sep 192417 Jun 199166-8-30-----
Lannie,Jr 10 Jun 1947Living-Terri Van Geem----
Karl 15 Apr 1949Living-Madeline Longo----
Kyle 6 Jun 1952Living-Susan Lee----
Paul 25 Mar 1955Living-Cynthia Clayborne----
Elizabeth6 Dec 1957Living-Mack Ira Farmer--Michael Ray Young-
Note: Death date is given as yy-mm-dd = years-months-days

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