Eliza Scott was born December 25, 1826 in Henry Co., Al. and died June 15, 1911 in
Shelby County, Tx. She married David Sholar December 26, 1844 in Henry County,
Alabama, son of John and Jane Sholar. He was born 23 Mar 1817 in Ga. and died
27 Oct 1887, Shelby Co.,Tx., and Buried in Sholar Cemetery, Panola/Shelby Co., Tx
David and Eliza came to Shelby/Panola Co. Tx in 1846 with Eliza's parents, John and Nancy Scott.
Children of Eliza Scott and David Sholar are:

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes
1. Nancy Sholar 4 Nov 1845 died August 04, 1854 in Shelby County, Texas.
2. John Warren Sholar 19 Oct 1847 Married Mary Ann Green, died April 28, 1912 in Shelby County, Texas.
3. Eliza Jane Sholar May 24, 1850 Married John Davis Ferguson, died April 23, 1937 in Shelby County, Texas.
4. Edward J. Sholar January 10, 1853 died August 03, 1854, age 1 year, in Shelby County, Texas.
5. Thomas Jefferson Sholar July 20, 1855 Married Willie Ann Dorman, died November 03, 1953 in Shelby County, Texas.
6. David O. Sholar 1858 Married 1st, Alice Dorman, 2nd, Mattie Sorrel Dorman, d. 1940 in Tenaha, Shelby County, Texas.
7. Martha Amanda Sholar ca. October 1859 -
8. Ransom Sholar 29 Nov 1862 M. 1st, Mary Caroline Truitt. 2nd, Molly Wood, 3rd, Mary Windam Daw, d. 9 Aug 1947
9. Missouri Alice Sholar 1863 died 1867, age 4, Shelby Co.,Tx
10. Mary Elizabeth Sholar 29 November 1865 M. Jesse Avery Ferguson, she died 26 Apr 1957, Shelby Co.,Tx
11. Susan Elizabeth Sholar 15 October 1868 M. Manual Francis Harris 25 Dec 1887, she died 24 Aug 1899, Shelby Co.,Tx

Notes for Eliza Scott by Kim Foster:
Living in home of her grandson,  Warren Sholar age 20 and his wife, 
Jamime age 18 in 1900 at time of Shelby County Texas Census.
Notes for David Sholar by Kim Foster:
He was found in the book "Our Masons" published in Shelby County Texas. 
He was a member of Truitt Lodge #149, serving as Treasurer in 1857, 1858 
& 1859. Notations that he was EA and FC, recieved into Newborn Lodge #97,
MM April 15, 1868.  He donated the land for a church and cemetery (Sholar 
Cemetery). His neighber, Alfred Truitt was insrumental in raising the money 
needed to build the church, which is how  it came to be named Truitt's Chapel
and Sholar Cemetery. David & Eliza Sholar's children Nancy and Edward J 
were among the first to be buried in Sholar Cemetery. He was a farmer.