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My name is Lannie Gene Walker,Sr. and I have lived in Ft Worth,Tx since 1956. I was born and reared in Haynesville,La, a small town on the La. Arkansas border and and 62 miles northeast of Shreveport. I was born 21 Feb 1927. During WWII, at the age of 16, I decided that school was too dull and so on 4 July 1943 I joined the Navy and after boot camp at San Diego,CA found myself on a large troopship headed for Australia. At Brisbane I was assigned to the USS PC-476, an anti-submarine warfare ship. We then went to to combat theater around New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. As the war progressed we moved northwards. After 18 months aboard ship I was transferred to to a shore station on the Island of Bougainville in the Solomon Islands. Shortly thereafter, I was sent aboard a troop ship in a large convoy to Guian, Samar in the Philippines as part of the gathering force to be a part of the projected invasion of Japan. After a short time I was sent to a large replacement depot at San Antonio on Samar, across a bay from Tacloban on Leyte P.I. While I was there, the war ended and on 2 October 1945 I was on a Navy transport ship headed back to Treasure Island at San Franciso,CA. After a 30 day "terminal leave" I was discharged at the Naval Air Station at Algiers, across the Mississippi river from New Orleans, LA. In April 1946, I enlisted in the US Army Air Corps at Barksdale Air Base in Bossier City, LA.After a stint in the Army Air Corps and then the US Air Force I finished the requirements for High School and began college at Centenary College of Louisiana. In 1951, before graduation, I was recalled to active duty with the Air Force for 21 months during the Korean War. After release from active duty I finished college and accepted a position at Convair Aircraft (later became General Dynamics then Lockhee- Martin) as an associate engineer. I retired after 36 years in March 1992. I married Eveyn Merger while she and I were both in the Army Air Corps and stationed together at Greenville Army Air Base at Greenville, South Carolina. We had five children, four sons and one daughter. After over 40 years of marriage, my wife died in 1991. My father and mother were Alvy Kyle and Jessie Mae Scott Walker. They had five sons and three daughters and as of this date, 5 May 2003, there are four of us surviving, three sons and one daughter.My parents were both born and reared in Joaquin, Shelby County, Texas and moved to Louisiana in 1924.

I have constructed a chart of My Parents and my Siblings To view it, Go Here

I have constructed a chart of my immediate family. (My wife and children) To view it, Go Here

For Some Selected Family Photos, Go Here The Muck Family Photo Page

Here Is some of the Shelby County 1850 Census Containing Some of My family Surnames.

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