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I was given your name from Lillian Smith. My name is Leilani Oliver Chung and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am a descendant of Mary Bell Walker, sister to Wesley Waymon Walker. She was my gggg grandmother. I have been communicating with Nan and Corine Carter as well regarding the Walkers. Lillian has forwarded some information that you sent to her, as well as letters from Hershel Walker III and Charlene Walker Brazell. I am presently in Louisiana and for the past 2 1/2 years, whenever I come here for vacation, I spend my time in all of the cemeteries, libraries, courthouses, go to New Orleans for birth certificates and Baton Rouge for death certificates. I am trying to go to all of the cemeteries and take pictures of every tombstone that I can find. I find that eventually, everyone in Union Parish is connected. Ha! I have also traveled to Shreveport. Two weeks ago, I drove over to Claiborne Parish and took pictures of Alberry Wasson's family tombstones as well. Hopefully within the next few days, I will be going to Homer, LA (Claiborne Parish) so that I can try to find the obits of the Wassons, as well as any marriage certificates, etc. that I can. I have been emailing Lillian any info that I can find, as well as pics of all the tombstones that I am taking that is connected with our family. If there is anything that I can try to get for you while I am here, I would be happy to do. I have obits of many family members, as well as possibly some death and marriage certificates. I will only be here until May 12th, however, I will be coming back again in either June or July. I am staying with my Uncle Roy Oliver whose health is failing fast and I have been trying to help take care of him. Last year, he lost his son, Byron Keith Oliver, and fell and broke his hip. I ended up staying here 7 months. Of course, during that time, I was able to squeeze in a lot of genealogy in. I was a paralegal for many years, so I don't have to tell you that I need to have PROOF of information. That is why I need to research and get pictures of tombstones, obits, court docs, birth & death certificates, etc. I find that usually tombstones do not lie. I noticed in many of the correspondence that Lillian was receiving was showing Alberry Wasson married to Nancy Tubb. Her name is Nancy Tubbs. All the families here are Tubbs. Her tombstone lists her as Nancy Ann Tubbs. That is only one example. I have also proved the birth or death dates to be wrong on other individuals. I could go on and on and on. I just wanted to introduce myself to you and be willing to exchange any family information with you that you would like. I see from several other family members that your name is mentioned over and over as having info on the Walkers/Wassons so I thought that I would write you. My email address is: Leilani Oliver Chung

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