Rec'd your email. Thank you for replying so quickly. I did take a look at your website and I see that you have definitely done a lot of leg work of some of the important issues. I was going to send away to these courthouse in Perry County, Alabama for the succession papers of Samuel Walker. Lillian (Reeves) Smith told me to hold on until she sent me documents that she had. I believe that some of the paperwork may have come from you in a round about way. Several people writing back and forth sending documents to each other. I am just able to get whatever I can in Union Parish. I was going to go to Homer in Claiborne Parish today, but had several people come to visit me and now it is 2:00 p.m. They close at 5:00 and it takes 1 hour just to drive there. I am glad to hear that you have the tombstone pics of all of the Wassons in Littlefield. It is good to have your son in West Monroe. He definitely can do a lot of leg work for you. Do you have any death certificates or marriage certificates --- maybe obits???? If not, I will be happy to send you whatever I have so that maybe you can post it onto your web site. It just never ends. Ha! More and more info keeps coming out. I guess my biggest thrill of all of my research was when I found the grave of Mary Bell Walker at Meridian Cemetery. I happened to find it by accident. I went there to take pics of James Madison Oliver and his family, and Wesley Walker. As I stated before, I take pictures of every tombstone in there so that I can work on it later. In taking the pics, I happened across Mary's tombstone. I actually jumped up and down and had tears. It was such an exciting moment for me. James Madison Oliver married Willie Walker, daughter of Wesley. They are all buried there. James Madison Oliver was the brother of my g grandfather, Werter Oliver. My g grandmother was Neva (Geneva) Wallace, daughter of Benjamin Franklin Wallace and Brunettie Martin. Benjamin was the son of John Baldwin Wallace and Mary Bell Walker (dau. of Samuel Walker & Leanna Wasson). About Nimrod, I too had heard that he was murdered in New Orleans, but had no further info on him other than his emancipation papers. In the event that I go to New Orleans, I will definitely put that on my list of things to research. I do plan another trip to Baton Rouge for more death certificates sometime in the future. Will write you later this evening. Thank you again for leading me to your website. I will have to sit and go through it. Looks GREAT!!!!!!!!! Leilani

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