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This Section of My Site is Dedicated to My Dorman Family

The Following Page is Not Finished But I am Presenting it here so
that any persons knowing of any inaccuracies or omisssions from 
the data presented on the Dorman Family Can Email me with the 
corrections or additional data. I will then correct the page. I plan to 
also add the data for the omitted family members of John B. and
Elizabeth Dorman. 
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The Next Link Contains the pages containing a copy of a self published
book by Blanton Kyle Dorman, son of John Tandy Dorman, and grandson
of John Blanton Dorman. My grandmother, Emily Caroline Dorman Walker,
was a sister to John Tandy Dorman.

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There are a number of question about the members of the 
John B. Dorman family that remain unanswered. I have 
excerpted pertinent parts of both the 1860 and 1880 Shelby
County, Texas censuses to illustrate the unknowns about 
this family.

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The currently known members of the John B. Dorman family has
been documented and Anne Mackenzie of Longview Texas has
provided the current data on this family.

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My grandmother, Emily Caroline Dorman Walker left two photographs
of Dorman cousins which I never knew about until recently.
Two daughters of my first cousin, the late Oda Walker Bailey,
Thelma Bailey Windham and Vera Bailey Dubose, gave me copies
of the photos and so I present them here.
The first is of G.M. Dorman, age 51, date of photo unknown,
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The second is of J.W. and G.R. Dorman and the notation on the
photo states that J.W. Dorman died 10 September 1906.

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