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The name 'Sampson McCown' does come up more than I would have
ever thought. The first Sampson McCown was born in 1775 in 
South Carolina and married Margaret Telford.  Margaret's sister,
Martha, married James Walker who was born in 1789 in Chester 
County, South Carolina.  They had a son named Philip Walker who
shows up in McCown genealogy of that time period with Sampson's
son Sampson (who married Isabella Crunk). Sampson (m. Crunk) had a
son named Sampson who married Kittie Gresham.  Sampson (m. Crunk)
had a son named Eugene (m. Florence Cole) who had a son named 
William Sampson. Sampson's (m. Telford) older sister Mary McCown
(b 1768, Waxhaw Settlement, SC) married William Nutt (b. 1764, 
Waxhaw Settlement, SC).  They had a son named Sampson McCown 
Nutt (b. 1802) who had a son named Sampson Nutt. I don't have 
record either way on McCown as a middle name for this one.
William and Mary had a daughter, Elizabeth (b. 1793, SC) who
married Benjamin Speer.  They had a son named Sampson McCown 
Speer (b. 1822). William and Mary had another son named William
Henry Nutt who married Elizabeth Speer.  They had a daughter, 
Mary, who married William Pool.  They had a son named Sampson 
McCown Pool.
Here is something for all you Francis McCown descendents:
Francis McCown (1710-1761; of Ireland) and Margaret Patterson
George McCown (1740-1830) and Margaret Carr\Kerr
George McCown (1778-1823) and Sarah Black
Sampson McCown (b. 1811)

So, now the G-Grandson of Francis McCown is also named Sampson!
The original Sampson McCown was the son of Alexander McCown and
Elizabeth Moore. This Alexander was the son of Alexander McCown
the Presbyterian Minister who was born in Ireland in ~1685 and 
one of the "6 McCown Brothers".  As far as any of us have 
researched, we have found no link between the Alexander McCown 
group and the Francis McCown group.

So, how did Sampson McCown show up in the Francis McCown group?
Well, it could have been a mildly popular name at the time.  It
could also have been a Biblical reference.  Or, help me out here,
on of Francis McCown's descendents lived in KY and married a woman
named McCown who is said to have been from SC and of no relation.
 She could have brought the name into the Francis line.  Anyone 
have any ideas on this?

Steve McCown

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