Generation No. 3

3.  ALEXANDER (248)3 WALKER (PHILLIP (496)2, ALEXANDER (992)1) was born 1773
in Chester Co, South Carolina, and died 1835 in Perry Co, Alabama.  He
married SUSAN B. (249) WYLIE Abt. 1800 in South Carolina, daughter of
WILLIAM WYLIE and ISABELLA KELSO.  She was born 1782 in Chester Co, South
Carolina, and died 1866 in Perry Co, Alabama.

Notes for ALEXANDER (248) WALKER:
Samuel Kelso/Kelsey
1720 - 1796
Scotch Irish Immigrant and Revolutionary Patriot of Chester County, South
Compiled and Published by Dr and Mrs. Mavis Parrott Kelsey Sr. 2 Longbow
Lane Houston, TX 77024
Copyright 1984 Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 84- 80307

Mentioned as knowing about Alexander and Susan's Children:
Sarah Jane
Son?  (This is my William Walker)

Homer Martin
242 Hillview Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78209
210 826 2548

Unknown book due to van fire:
Susan B. Wylie b 1782 Chester Co, S.C. d 1866 Perry Co., Ala. m 1800/6
Alexander Walker b. 1773 Chester Co., S.C. d 1835 Perry Co., Ala. both are
buried Mt. Pleasant Cemetery near Selma, Ala.
    On 4-1-1831 he received Cert. # 2152 from Huntsville Land Co. for E1/2
of N.E. 1/4, Sect 9, T10, R 11, Dist. of Lands subject to sale, signed by
Andrew Jackson.

The State Of Alabama Orphan's Court
Perry County  January 1842
This day came Susannah Walker widow of Alexander Walker died and filed her
petition for ____
alledgeing that said Walker d_______ ______ and ________ of the following
lands ____ the West 1/2 of the S. E 1/4 of Section 18 the E 1/2 of the S. E.
1/4 of Section 25 Township 19 and Range 10 the S.W 1/4 of Sec 30 L 19 Range
11 the S.W. 1/4 of the S.E. 1/4 of Sec 30 L 19 Range 11 the N. W. 1/4
Section 31 Township 19 Range 11 the NW 1/4 of the S.W 1/4 of Section 31 L 19
Range 11 lying in said county of Perry ________ of Ala.  It is therefore
ordered by the Court that the sheriff of said county summons five discreet
personsons connected with the ...  (Handwriting too hard to decipher)

Whereas Alexander Walker of Perry County, Alabama has deposited in the
General Land Office of the United States, a certificate of the Register of
the Land Office at Huntsville according to the provisions of the Act of
Congress of the 24th of April, 1820, entitled "An act making further
provision for the sale of the Public Lands," for the west half of the North
west quarter of Section ten in Township ten of Range eleven- west, in the
District of Lands subject to sale as Huntsville, Alabama containing eighty
according to the official plat of the survey of the said Lands, returned to
the General Land Office by the Surveyor General, which said tract has been
purchased by the said Alexander Walker.

Signed by President Andrew Jackson


Alabama Notes, Flora D England, vol 3 and 4, 1978

Notes from Orphan's Court Record B, Perry Co., Ala.
p. 59 Perry Co., Ala., 27 Oct. 1833.  Personally appeared before me, James
Nelson, J.P., David Hamilton, one of the heirs of Wm Wiley...  Wm W. Morrow,
one of the heirs of Wm Wiley, dec'd.  1st Oct. 1833... Alexander Walker, one
of the heirs of Wm Wiley. Oct. 1833.


Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hi Cindy,
    Here is some information about my Walker family. My g-grandmother
was Frances (Walker) Long; she was the daughter of William Alfred Walker
and his wife, Corilla Porter. William A. Walker was an early citizen of
Elyton (now Birmingham); he was a merchant and planter and owned alot of
land. He built the house in the 1840's. The information that I can read
easily on the postcard indicates that the house was owned/occupied by a
Smith family. Jack Smith was the owner; he was a grandson of William A.
Walker. He and his sister, Grace Smith lived in the house until they
could no longer keep it up. Their mother, Lucy Smith, had inherited the
house from her mother, Corilla Porter Walker.
    I have lots of information about the house and more copies of photos
of the house. My mother copied the photos from a file in the Photographs
and Prints Division, Library of Congress. She remembers the house very
clearly and was very disappointed when it was torn down. At least the
mansion, Arlington still remains in the area. It was owned by collateral
relatives of the Walker family.
    Would you please let me know what is written on the postcard? I
could read some of the words but not all of them. Thanks so much! It was
a wonderful surprise to see the photo on your website. I would be happy
to send you via snail mail the photos from the Library of Congress.
    Is there any chance that you could scan the postcard and e-mail it
to me? I would like to give a copy to my mother.
  Grace Hertz


4. i. WILLIAM WILEY (124)4 WALKER, b. 1813, Chester Co, South Carolina; d.
Bef. 1870, Perry Co, Alabama.