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This page is to present some of the songs that myself and my sons and friends have recorded over the years. It is sort of a record of our attempts to learn to play musical instruments. It cover a span from the 70's through the late 80's. It is guranteed not professional but some of it is not too bad on the ears. The individuals are: My sons Kyle and Paul and with them on much of theri stuff is a neigbor, Mike Brown. They called themselves an Irish Folk Group and they played around the local Fort Worth area. Myself. Various recording attempts from the time I was learning to play the 5 string banjo until I played country music with a small group in a venue we rented on Saturday nights in Reno Texas. Someone picked the name "Country Critters" for our little group, which consisted of Wade Seals on vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Mary Byford on fiddle, Darlene Pierce on Bass Guitar, and myself on Banjo. All of the "live" recordings were done on a small cassette recorder by Mary's husband Don Byford. On one number, Darlene's husband Jerry did the vocals. A list of the recordings appears at the end of this page. Also, KMP=Kyle on Bass-Mike on 12 String Guitar_Paul on 6 string guitar and Vocals. The late Jim Lee was my "picking buddy" and Kyle's father-in-law

The audio player above will play any or all of the songs that any members of my family or myself had any part in that are included on his CD. To go to the next song click on the "forward" ( >| ) icon. To stop the playing click on the little square icon. Note: To hear all of the songs, you will need to stay on this page until they are all finished.

00-Wild _Mountain _Thyme-KMP.mp3 01-A_Waltz-Country_Critters.mp3 02-Caribbean_Lannie_and_Wade.mp3 03-I_Long_To_See_Old_Ireland_Free_Once_More.mp3 04-Tonight_We_Go_And_Free_Old_Wexford_Town-KMP.mp3 05-The_Last_Thing_On_My_Mind-Paul_Solo.mp3 06-Hot_Asphalt-KMP.mp3 07-Fiddlers_Green_KMP.mp3 08-Jacobites_By_Name.mp3 09-Dave_and_Kyle-2-17-91_nwbc.mp3 10-Got_No_Reason_Now_For_Going_Home-Country_Critters.mp3 11-Follow_ Me_ To_Carlow-KMP.mp3 12-Sailor's_Hornpipe-Paul_On_Lead.mp3 13-Dave_and_Kyle_Song3.mp3 14-King Bachelli-KMP.mp3 15-Does_Ft_Worth_Ever_Cross_Your_Mind-Country_Critters.mp3 16-Fields_Of_November-Paul_on_Fiddle_and_Lannie,Sr.mp3 17-Old_Black_Joe-Lannie,Sr_Paul.mp3 18-Paul_Walker_On_Mandolin.mp3 19-Let's_Chase_Each_Other-Country_Critters.mp3 20-Now_And_Then-Paul.mp3 21-John_Hardy-Lannie_Walker.mp3 22-WildWood_Flower-Lannie,Sr_and_Jim_Lee.mp3 23-This_Boy_Wants_You_Back_Again-Paul_Solo.mp3 24-Paul_Title_Unknown.mp3 25-Little_Ball_Of_Yarn-KMP.mp3

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