This page contains photos received from a descendant of Alberry Wasson,
a stepson of my gr gr grandfather, Samuel Walker. He married Alberry's
mother Leanna Wasson in 1820 in Jackson Co.,Tn. He had 8 children and
she had 5 (4 sons & 1 daughter) when they married. After the birth of
the last of the 4 children that they had together, they moved to Perry
County, Al. in 1825. Samuel died in Nov 1833. 5 of the children were
still not of age and were appointed guardians, all of whom were grown

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The following row of photos were provided by
N.E. Wasson,Jr. of Macon,Ga.
Alberry      Nancy and      Nimrod
Wasson      Alberry            Wasson

The following photos were taken by Kyle Walker March 18 2006 in
Summerfield,Louisiana. They are of the Alberry Wasson home and out
buildings (restored) and the restored home of one of his sons,
Nimrod (Nimmie) Wasson

Row #1
Wasson            Historical          Alberry          Historical      
Road Sign        Plaque01          Cabin              Plaque             

Wasson            Historical          Alberry           Museum            
Road Sign        Plaque01          Cabin              Sign01               

Row #3
Cabin               Historical           Cabin            Cabin and      
Closeup             Plaque02         Chimney        Workshop02

Row #4
Cabin and          Cabin              Sign On          Cabin
Workshop01       Smaller            Cabin            Longer View   

Row #5
Cabin               Sign On      Nimrod Home  Nimrod Home           
End View 02       Cabin             Sign               Restored     

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