My Name is Lannie G. Walker,Sr. and I live in Ft Worth,Tx.

----Some new DORMAN Information--- I am placing this link here for a while since it is new but will move it later. I have compiled a more complete Dorman family list since receiving it from other Dorman related individuals and would welcome any additional information. To iew this information. Go here

I have posted two PowerPoint presentations that I think worthwhile watching on this web site. Just select either or both for some beautiful photography. You simply download these to your system into a location that you choose and you will have them to play at any time that you desire or you can delete them after viewing. Just right click on a link and on the popup menu select "save target as" and specify where on your system that the file should be placed. 1. Right Click Here for "TreinReizen" or 2. Right Click Here for "MistyMorning".

Over the years, some members of my immediate family have become interested in playing musical instruments and I have digitized and compiled all of the recordings that I could find and placed them on this web site so that anyone interested could hear them. None were made with anything approaching studio quality and some of the musicianship is of "backyard" quality also. Anyway, they can be heard , By going here.

Some Interesting Links That you might Want to Visit Are here

I have moved the Walker DNA data to a separate page as of 24 Sept 2005 !!!! For Information relating to Family Tree DNA and the Walker DNA Group Go Here

To my Table of Surname Links Go Here

I am placing some photos of family and others of interest on the following page on this site. To View Go Here

Several months ago I received an email from Megan Smolenyak requesting permission to include, ina book that she and Ann Turner were writing, a story that I have related on this web site about the identity of my great-great-grandmother, Nancy Scott. I agreed and today (2 Oct 2004) I received a copy of the book in the mail. To read the story as it appears in the book along with scanned images of the front and back covers of the book, Go Here

Dr. Kimberly Foster a descendant of William T. Scott, has written a comprehensive document on the John Scott/Nancy Kirkland family from data gathered by herself, Winnie Savage Smith, myself, and several Kirkland and Whiddon researchers;J.R. Peacock, Darlene Athey Hill, Gerald Whiddon and others. Kimberly has given me permission to place it on this site so that interested parties may read and/or download it. It is in RTF format and I have not converted it to HTML so that it will retain Kimberly's original formatting. When you click on the following link, a popup window will appear asking if you wish to open or download the document. Choose whichever you desire to do. You can also open it, read it, then click the link again and then select download. Kimberly can be contacted at: Email Kimberly To View or download Click Here I have also included her document, slightly modified and in PDF format, submitted by Gerald Whiddon of Henry Co.,Al. The free for download Adobe PDF reader is required to open this document. Left clicking the link will open the file if you already have the PDF viewer on your system. Left clicking will give you a popup window with selectable options. Left or Right Click Here

For Anyone Researching A relationship with an Alexander Walker might want to Check the documents that I have placed on this site. To download any of it, Just Right Click on it and Select the Download Option To Visit Click Here

Some of the more recent changes to this site has been for William Alexander Walker family, namely Dora Walker McGee, Hulon Carse Walker, and William Elzey Walker. Have changed index.htm (this page),marywlk.htm and added Leilani_Oliver_Chart Mary_Bell_Walker_Wallace Leilani_Oliver_Chung_Chart Lannie Gene Walker,Sr. 26 Jan 2010

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Another Walker (and other surnames) researcher, Hugh Rutherford has created the following websites which might be of interest to you. So, check them out by clicking on the following link: HERE

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